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Strategic Partners Sponsorship

Strategic Partner WIDView the brochure here.

Why Join WID as a Strategic Partner?

  • Invest in opportunity. Enhance your brand and receive maximum exposure by becoming a WID Strategic Partner
  • WID Strategic Partners benefit from a range of exclusive, high visibility sponsorship and professional development opportunities
  • Alignment with WID, a national leader in diversity and inclusion will benefit your company’s profile and expand its reach. Ensure your company is at the forefront of strengthening diversity in the defense industrial base

Women Inspired to Server (WISE) Sponsorship

Women Inspired to Serve BrochureView the brochure here.

  • Maximize your company’s profile. Sponsor the WISE annual Conference.
  • Leaders from government, industry and academia will share their expertise and provide information about the many different opportunities to serve in the national security sector
  • Gain visibility for your company as talented students examine opportunities to serve in government and industry
  • Sponsor WISE and provide young women considering defense with information about career progression and professional development in government, industry and academia
  • WISE fosters a dynamic community of peers preparing to serve. Your company can engage through sponsorship, mentoring and internship opportunities to help strengthen the defense industrial base

Women in Defense Scholar Sponsorship

WID ScholarshipView the brochure here.

  • WID Scholarships increase the participation of women and diverse voices in international security by providing resources for advanced education, leading to greater opportunities within the national security enterprise.
  • WID Scholarships support undergraduates and graduate students with a demonstrated interest in defense and national security.
  • WID Scholarships strengthen the industrial base by creating a diverse national security workforce equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to ensure American defense dominance across the spectrum of conflict in all domains.

National Conference Sponsorship

National Conference BrochureView the brochure here.

  • Identify and recruit talent and support professional development at WID’s flagship event
  • Enhance your company’s reputation at WID’s most important, impactful, widely-attended event
  • Support WID’s programming to help women, including your employees, achieve their professional goals
  • Network with women working in defense and those seeking to work in defense