Apply for Scholarship

WID recognizes the pandemic has greatly impacted many potential applicants. We encourage potential applicants concerned about pandemic-related shortfalls to contact to determine eligibility.

The window for applications for the 2021-2022 academic year is now CLOSED!

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria. We will not consider any exceptions.

  1. Be a woman currently enrolled or expected to be enrolled at an accredited university or college by the next academic term, either full-time or part- time.
  2. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible; undergraduates must have attained at least junior level status (60 credits).
  3. Demonstrate interest in pursuing a career related to national security or defense.
  4. Demonstrate financial need.
  5. Have a minimum grade point average of 3.25.
  6. Be a citizen of the United States.

Recipients of past awards may apply for future financial assistance.

Awardee Requirements

Awardees must agree to the requirements below. We will not consider any exceptions.

  1. Allow WID to use their names, areas of study, and educational institution in public affairs releases.
  2. Attend a WID Scholar Celebration event in 2021 in the National Capital Region. WID will pay travel expenses. Awardees will speak about their academic experiences, network with other awardees, and engage with men and women working in defense and national security. 
  3. Upon notification of selection, awardees must provide a headshot and logo for the school where WID will send the scholarship funding.
  4. Allow WID to share applicant information with Sponsors and Strategic Partners.

Fields of Study

Focus of the scholarship is on the following preferred fields of study: security studies, military history, government relations, engineering, computer science, cyber security, physics, mathematics, business (as it relates to national security or defense), law (as it relates to national security or defense), international relations, political science, policy and diplomacy, intelligence and economics. Others will be considered if the applicant can successfully demonstrate relevance to a career in the areas of national security or defense.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be based on academic achievement, participation in defense and national security activities, field of study, work experience, statements of objectives, recommendations, and financial need. Essays will be evaluated using the Essay Rubric. Awards are made without regard to race, creed, color, or religion. Women In Defense reserves the right to revise, suspend or discontinue this program without notice.

Paying It Forward

Awardees must show the impact their WID Scholarships have had on their lives. They may be asked to speak about their scholarships and their impact at WID and NDIA events. They may be asked to write a short paragraph or two about their scholarships and their impact for WID publications. Awardees must participate in closed group discussions providing links to published work and sharing career updates. 

For general inquiries regarding the WID Scholarship Program, please email Ann Webster at

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Fundraising events and donations from corporations, Women In Defense Chapters and individuals make it possible to provide WID scholarships. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to: Women In Defense WID Scholar, 2101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201-3060.