Media Guidelines

The National Defense Industrial Association welcomes professional media coverage of our events that grant press access.



NDIA grants complimentary media registration to journalists working for full-fledged news organizations.

NDIA regrets that media registration cannot be offered to anyone who is not a working journalist. This includes individuals writing for publications used to market or advertise; independent social media influencers, bloggers or podcasters or private content creators and anyone working outside traditional journalism. This also includes those in advertising, marketing, business development and business operations including executives, publishers, analysts, consultants, public relations personnel and anyone who is not a working journalist. 

NDIA reviews all media registration requests before credentials are issued. Given the nature of NDIA events, organizers may require proof of employment to ensure that only qualified media receive press access. Proof of employment includes press passes, business cards, letters of verification from desk editors, a copy of or link to recent published work, and a masthead with the media member’s name. 

Freelance media must provide a letter or email from the outlet they are representing, verifying their assignment. 

Anyone found registered fraudulently as media will have their access revoked and will need to register as a paid participant to take part in the NDIA meeting, conference or event. 

For media registration, contact the meeting planner listed on the event’s homepage. For other media information, contact



NDIA strongly advises registering online before the event for ease of access upon arrival or in logging on for a virtual event.

For in-person events: All registered media can pick up badges at the NDIA registration desk upon arrival.

For virtual or hybrid events: Registered media will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the event.

If you have not received an email confirming your registration or directing you for logging in to an event, please contact or the meeting planner listed on the event homepage.



Unless otherwise noted, most events’ scheduled sessions are on the record and open to media. Some events however, may be classified or closed to the press. NDIA may close a previously open portion of a program at their discretion; event personnel will communicate these changes to media and attendees. Please see the agenda for sessions that are open to media with restrictions or closed to media.



In some cases, NDIA will provide a press room; however, you are welcome to work anywhere at the venue.

Wi-Fi is available at most NDIA events. Network names and passwords will be shared at the venue or in your registration communications. Please consider having backup Wi-Fi for your use in case of issues with availability or connectedness.



The program is used during most NDIA events to take questions from the audience. is free to download on most smartphone devices and available online through

If an event is using, a moderator will announce before each session begins. When using, please write in your name and outlet affiliation.

Media-Only roundtables:

As far as possible, NDIA arranges media-only events with conference speakers, typically in the roundtable format. These opportunities vary by event. NDIA will give journalists as much as possible notice to these exclusive events.

Recording, all types

Media may record audio or video of open conference sessions only for personal and individual use. Recordings may not be disseminated, posted online or rebroadcast in any format.

Photography and video recording are allowed in open sessions. Audio recording is approved for personal and individual use by media and may not be rebroadcast.

In an exhibit hall, no organization or individual can use photos, video and audio inadvertently or purposely to show government or industry endorsement for anything other than the event. Exhibiting organizations or companies must grant permission to any media that will photograph or record them in audio or video. Neighboring companies or exhibits must not be included without their permission.


Social media information is available for each event. Please check the event agenda for details.