Lt Gen Leah G. Lauderback

U.S Air Force
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaisance and Cyber Effects Operations
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Lt. Gen. Leah G. Lauderback is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and CyberEffects Operations, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. She is responsible to theSecretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force for policy formulation, planning, evaluation, oversight and leadership ofthe Air Force’s ISR operations, cyber effects and warfi ghter communications operations, and electromagneticspectrum superiority operations. As the Air Force's Senior Intelligence Offi cer, she is directly responsible to theDirector of National Intelligence and the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security. She leads sevendirectorates and supports a 73,000-person enterprise with a portfolio valued at $72 billion across the Air Force.
Lt. Gen. Lauderback received her commission in 1993 from Clemson University. Her career as an intelligence officerspans the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of war throughout the Pacific, Central, and European theaters ofoperation. She commanded at the wing, group, and squadron levels, served as the Senior Military Assistant to theUnder Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and led as the Director of Intelligence for the Combined Joint TaskForce-Operation Inherent Resolve, Southwest Asia. Her operational tours include the Implementation Force-BosniaHerzegovina, operations Southern Watch, Iraqi Freedom, Odyssey Dawn, and Inherent Resolve.
Prior to this assignment, Lt. Gen. Lauderback took a lead role in standing up the U.S. Space Command as well asthe U.S. Space Force. In both organizations, she was privileged to serve as the fi rst Senior Intelligence Offi cer.