First Coast Chapter

Welcome to Women In Defense First Coast Chapter (WID FC), A National Security Organization affiliated with National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). WID FC serves members in the Tri-Base area of Northeast Florida, both women and men, whose professional activities relate to national security. Women In Defense First Coast became official on March 1, 2016!

Women In Defense was established to provide women a formal environment for professional growth through networking, education and career development. You will find many exciting reasons to be a part of Women In Defense First Coast:

  • We offer social, educational, and networking events throughout the year to our professionally accomplished members
  • We provide recognition through sponsorship opportunities to our member companies
  • We sponsor STEM scholarships, support, and mentorship to our supported community partners
  • One of the best values you will find in a professional organization

We invite all of our members to participate in meetings, seminars, and committee activities to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between themselves and the organization. Details on events and activities are available here, via social media, email and newsletters, or you can contact us at