Chesapeake Bay Chapter Board of Directors 

President: Shannon Katulich, Booz Allen Hamiltonkatulich_shannon@bah.com 
Vice President:
Samantha Livingston, Booz Allen Hamilton – Livingston_samantha2@bah.com
Erin MacNeil, Booz Allen Hamiltonmacneil_erin@bah.com  
Michelle Skinner, Booz Allen Hamiltonskinner_michelle@bah.com 
Membership Director:
Kristen Haverkamp, Booz Allen Hamiltonhaverkamp_kristen@bah.com  
Communications Co-Director:
Annika Anderson, Booz Allen Hamiltonannika.anderson.ctr@scms.navy.mil
Communications Co-Director: 
Logan Gatton, NAVAIR – logan.gatton@navy.mil 
Program & Events Director:
Samantha Livingston, Booz Allen Hamilton – Livingston_samantha2@bah.com 
Scholarship Director: 
Christine Chase, NAVAIR – mary.c.chase@navy.mil
Historian: Christine Chase, NAVAIRmary.c.chase@navy.mil 
Immediate Past President: Rachel Potts, NAVAIR rachel.potts@navy.mil



Contact the Board of Directors using widchesapeakebay@gmail.com for the most efficient communications.

Chesapeake Bay Chapter Bylaws