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From the HORIZONS Scholarship Director

As you know, having the opportunity to serve our great nation by defending Her in the military, defense industry, government, or private sector can be one of the most challenging, but influential things a person does in their lifetime. The sheer willingness to put others before oneself every day to ensure the freedoms and rights that all Americans enjoy is protected builds off an incredible legacy of female pioneers—that of determination and resolve.

NDIA's 'Women In Defense' promotes and encourages the achievements and advancement of women in national security. Women In Defense publicly recognizes donors and supporters at our various events and through our media and marketing channels. While we offer many professional development and networking programs, we are also cultivating an entire generation of leaders through our HORIZONS Scholarship Program . For the past 28 years, scholarship recipients have gone on to support the national defense and national security establishments by working for the government and some of the most prominent defense agencies to actively find solutions to America’s most complex national security challenges.

I am asking you to please think about the countless members of the military that you may never meet, but who are willing to give everything they have to ensure your safety. I am asking you to think about the unforgettable trailblazers who broke glass ceilings before us and continue to contribute to our ever increasing and diverse national security makeup.  By supporting the HORIZONS program, you are making an investment in the future of our military, defense industry, veteran landscape, and the women representing these important communities. Even a donation as small as $500 can completely change a young female's professional life and future. These young women are force-multipliers and you can measure their impact on the workforce in positive dividends. The better suited these women are to serve the national interests of our country, the better suited they will be to make a positive impact on your company.

I look forward to expanding WID’s HORIZONS Program with your support and involvement in Women In Defense.

Thank you,

Lisa Rosenthal
WID HORIZONS Scholarship Director, National Board of Directors

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